Boston Collaborative of Food and Fitness (BCFF)


This is an introduction to BCFF. Below you will find the mission and what we are trying to achieve. This is one of many posts we will be having about our work. Hope it helps and increases everyone’s understanding of the Collaborative.

The Boston Collaborative of Food and Fitness has long-term approaches and strategies for achieving “the vision”.

“We will implement projects in neighborhood with the community partners, (including youth), build community coalitions, and replicate and link these projects across the city, connecting neighborhood work with citywide initiatives. We will leverage WKKF’s investment with in-kind and financial resources from public and private sources. Our strategies serve many goals; categorized in three areas: School Food Systems, Community Food Environments, and Active Living.

School Food Systems:

The idea is to strengthen local/regional food system by increasing markets through school and building a sustainable infrastructure.


  • Hiring a Farm to School Coordinator who will help increase the number of participants per school.
  • A business plan that will empowered, educate and increase the interaction between farmers and youth.
  • Select food for the schools that people want to eat by having activities, and the best most favorable option can be selected.           
  • Creating a sustainable infrastructure to develop youth campaign including healthier menu items in schools, leadership which lead to understanding and efforts to arrive at better solutions deserved.


Creating Healthy Community Food Environments:

The main idea is to increase markets for local foods, have an increase in healthy food that is affordable, ensure equity of access to healthy food and again build a sustainable infrastructure.


  • Having more local farmer’s markets and ensure that they accept EBT and Bounty Bucks.
  • Developing a marketing plan which educates the community about nutrition, economic development and youth skills training.
  • Set up a citywide Farmer’s Market Viability Group in Boston
  • Have partners in order to make the fresh foods affordable.


Creating Opportunities for Active Living in the Natural and Built Environment:

The idea is to combine citywide with community-led activities in East Boston and Mattapan.


  • Making it easier for people to travel (walking, bicycling…)
  • More programs offerings per community centers, reflecting community’s fitness activities.
  • Fully support the conversion of unused areas to make them into areas that can be used for physical activities.
  • Working with Boston Bicycle Board, support new development on streets so they can be for walkers, drivers, bicyclists specially on the low-income communities.
  • ADVOCATE !!!

By: Juleissy Pimentel

I am a current member of BCFF, working with Youth Advisory Board. We advocate and try to create a change on the food that we see on the lunch menus in Boston Public Schools. We believe that everyone should have equal rights to fresh and local food. A good idea is just starting off making school food better. I’ve learned that I too have a voice in the choices made in school food and all students should know they too can create a change. BCFF works for the benefit of the community and I am very proud to be part of such movement. 

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